A-Live Experience

The name ‘A-Live Experience’ comes from creating a class-A experience delivered live to an audience. We enhance an event space footprint through a combination of digital mediums, live performance, audio and lighting. Your audience will remember an A-Live experience for the rest of their lives.

Branded Films

When there is an event, we use the powerful medium of film and storytelling to capture people, places and parallel themes behind an event to leverage a brands message. The end product can be used in various media platforms to engage larger audiences and strengthen the love for a brand through association of an event and the story presented.

Catch & Release

“Content is King”… The fastest wins. This service is just that, we shoot and edit your live events to be released quickly on your media platforms. Our nimble team uses the latest production equipment to ‘Catch’ it, so you can ‘Release’ it pronto!


Promote ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ with content that inspires and evokes the need to be there. Promo for FOMO content is best used prior to events, helping the decision to attend a convincing and easy choice through visual storytelling. Through your audience’s eyes our content enters their hearts and creates action for attendance.